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Recognition and digitalisation in Europe: What steps to take for higher education institutions?

Graphic Recording von der Veranstaltung vom 14.12.2022
© dadaluxe - Mathias Suess / DAAD

Due to the Corona pandemic, digitalisation across all parts of universities’ activities moved even more into focus. This equally applies to the digitisation of university administration. With regard to recognition, digital solutions have the potential to make administrative processes more resource-efficient and more transparent. Digital workflows, databases, digital certificates and the electronic transfer of student data offer ways to simplify existing procedures and improve their quality in the long term.

The seminar aimed at enriching the ongoing discussion on digitalisation of recognition processes by taking a distinctly European approach. The inputs highlighted recognition and digitalisation in the Bologna context as well as a good practice example on steps to take regarding the implementation of a digital recognition process. The subsequent panel discussion included speakers from different stakeholders and institutions, and focussed on challenges and existing tools and instruments for future recognition procedures at higher education institutions (in Europe).


Foto von Tim Maschuw

Tim Maschuw


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Bettina Rosen

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