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Erasmus+ insights

Erasmus+ insights 2021

Erasmus+ Insights 2021

For a broad international readership, Erasmus+ insights is a compilation of articles and interviews on main topics for EU university cooperation, funded projects and the German NA DAAD. These selected articles also appear in our regular German-language publications like our DAADeuroletter or the NA DAAD annual report.

Here you get the ePaper to flick through and the PDF version to download.

Erasmus+ insights is published by the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation and was supported with funding from the European Commission and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It reflects the views of its authors. Neither the European Commission nor the BMBF or the DAAD are responsible for any further use of the information/graphics contained herein. In addition, the above are also not responsible for false information/missing sources.

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